Sunday, September 16, 2012



Here are the rest of the pictures from today.

This is the town of York, England. It is absolutely charming with all it's quaint little shops and cobbled streets. Since we got here when most of the shops were closing, I just took some photos of their window displays.

This is the wall that runs around the city.

This is the York Minister cathedral, it is huge!

This has a little back story to it. I seen this man at the train station and tried to get a picture of his Icelandic sweater but he got in a cab before I could get a clear shot, and then low and behold, we were walking downtown and he walked right by! So I finally got the shot. It's a gorgeous zip up Icelandic yoked sweater.

Oh yes, a knitting store...that was closed :( but it looked lovely!

I have wanted to go to this store since I first seen it on Lucy of Attic24's blog, but alas, it was closed as well. We just did not get to the town soon enough. I could spend a couple of days just taking in all the shops.

Be back soon hopefully with more tales from our travels,


  1. This friend would ever be so greatful if you could bring a postcard back for me from Ireland. Please take lots of pictures so that I can see.

  2. How lovely to be able to go there! How long was the plane ride for you? I'd be sad too if the shops were closed when I'd arrived. But thank goodness you'll have a few days to explore.