Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bath, Jane Austen, Stonehenge and back to London

Hello again,

We are finally getting to the end of our tour, this was our last day. We went to Bath first. I had mixed feelings about Bath, I was surprised by how much I liked the town and was a bit disappointed with the actual baths. I found them to be rather smelly and not really to my liking at all. Mom felt pretty much the same way, so we didn't stay long there. We had a bit of a mission anyway, we were out to find the Jane Austen Centre! After some walking and asking for directions, we finally found it. We didn't have enough time to take the tour, but we checked out the gift shop.

Jackie, me and Mom by the beautiful flowers.

We finally found it!

This guy was so cute and very true to character!

The shop had so many lovely things! I got a couple of books about Jane Austen and the movies and where they were shot, and a few other things, but what I was really looking for was this certain version of Sense and Sensibility I had seen at a bookstore at the beginning of our trip, but they didn't have it.
After we left the shop, we found a bookstore just down the street that had it as well as Persuasion in the same binding, and they were buy one get one half price! Of course I had to get them. I also got Northanger Abbey and a book with the collections of Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sandition, since I didn't have those, they were also buy one get one half price, so I left quite happy.

Mom and I with our bus driver Ian.

I have always wanted to see Stonehenge since I was a little girl, so this was a dream come true. I have no idea why it has always intrigued me so much, but it has. It was honestly amazing to see in person, very worth it.

After Stonehenge we drove right back to London, it was raining again so I didn't take pictures, but it was nice to get back and off the tour. I'll have to recover a bit first before I give my honest opinion of it, but I am truly glad I did it, and there were lots of things that I enjoyed and I fulfilled a great many dreams of mine. It really was an amazing trip, and I am so grateful I was given the chance to do it. It was definitely life changing.


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  1. What a fantastic day this was. I love the Jane Austen shop and oh gosh, to visit Stonehedge? Did you feel any magical vibes?