Monday, October 29, 2012

And She's Back


I'm finally working my way back to posting regularly.  Things just haven't really been the same since I got back from England, and I'm not exactly sure why.  In some ways, I think I changed along the way...  It's hard to explain, so I won't even try.  I'm still trying to decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but at the moment I'm leaning towards it being a good thing.

During my little break from blogging I managed to actually get a few projects finished!  I knit my Dad a pair of socks for his birthday, finished the September socks (in the middle of October), knit the October socks, and finished my Quaker Ridge Shawlette (it just needs to be blocked).  I even got a bit of a head start on my Christmas gifts by making two cowls and most of a small granny square lap blanket.  I still have quite a list, as I think I mentioned before, I'm trying to make most of them this year, but a small dent has been made.  To tell the truth, I'm actually really enjoying making them this year.  Some years it seems like a mad-dash to get them finished and instead of enjoying the process, half the time I don't even remember what I made!  This year I'm trying to do things differently.  I've cut out a lot of other obligations that I don't particularly enjoy and that add stress, and I'm planning on doing things I like to do and slowing down so I can actually enjoy the holiday not just rush through and be glad when it's over.

I'll try to have some pictures up of all these things soon, I have been slacking in the photography area lately.  Until then, I hope that all of you are enjoying this Monday and that those of you affected by hurricane Sandy are keeping safe and dry.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Pause


I'm sorry for the long delay in writing!  Things have been busy here in my little part of the world.  Due to this, I've decided to take a few more days off before getting back into my regular schedule of posting.  I hope to be back in fine form on Monday, till then, have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!!


Friday, October 12, 2012



Mom and I took a drive the day after we came home from our trip to take some pictures of all the beautiful fall leaves.

I think this is the most gorgeous and colourful Autumn we have had in years! God's creation sure is in all it's splendor this season.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Last Few Days


Our last few days spent in London were filled with a little more sightseeing and shopping of course.  We went to the theatre one afternoon to see Momma Mia, which was wonderful, we also got a chance to tour some of the inside of Buckingham Palace, which was stunning beyond words.  I took some of these pictures below on our way out.  We got to walk through the grounds, they were stunning!  

Before heading back to the hotel, we took a cab to Harrods for tea, that was a fun experience.  They even had their Christmas shop set up, it was so pretty!  

We flew out the next day (with an extra suitcase in tow) and had a really smooth flight.  I took some pictures from the plane window as we were leaving England.  Even from the air it's beautiful!

We had such a wonderful trip, and I hope that you have all enjoyed the pictures along the way.  I hope to go back to England again sometime soon, it was so beautiful and I felt like I fit in there, what could be more perfect than that?