Saturday, September 22, 2012

St. Andrews, Scotland

Sorry for the delay in posting. We didn't have wifi for a few days and last night I was too tired to do all the photo uploads, so I'm going to do a few posts in a row to catch up.

This is the day we left Edinburg and went to St. Andrews on our way to The Highlands. As you probably already know (which I didn't, actually), St Andrews is quite the big golf town. We did a quick stop there in the morning and got to take pictures of the ruins of the cathedral and then we got to go shop in the golf stores and photograph some of the golf course.

I think this was the outskirts of Edinburg, the houses are so cute!

More gorgeous countryside.

It was huge and hard to photograph because of the bright morning sun, so these were the best shots I could get. But it was amazing to see, the architecture was stunning even if it is in ruins.

My first glimpse of the sea!!!!

Now on to the golf course.

I actually got some shots of a man playing, or practicing, I'm not quite sure, but I thought he looked quite dapper!

Then we did a little shopping.

I know it's hard to read a bit through the gate, but it sort of shows the courses that are there.

Oh the sea just does something special to my soul! It was a joy to see :)

Now we are onto The Highlands!

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  1. The houses are really cute. I can see why the beautiful land is popular for golfing.