Sunday, September 30, 2012



The next morning we had to wake up bright and early, well before the sun got up, to head to the ferry because there was a plowing match going on in town and we needed to beat the traffic.

It was beautiful to see the sunrise, pretty much worth getting up so early.

We boarded the ferry and settled in for the 4 hour crossing. It was a bit rougher going back than coming over, and the ferry was smaller, but all in all, it was a pleasant trip. We drove pretty much straight to Cardiff, so we made it in to our hotel with a little time to go look around the shops. On the way in our bus driver took us on a little tour of the city so we could see what it was like. For some reason I had been expecting it to be a small town by the seaside, but it actually is a nice sized city. I do think it is near the sea, but I didn't get to see it.

Mom outside the Cath Kidston store.

Wow, I really didn't take many pictures this day. We didn't do a whole lot of shopping, just a little browsing. I did purchase a Cath Kidston bag, but it wasn't at her store, I got it at John Lewis because I didn't realize she had a shop just down the street. We did go in and have a look see around though, she has such adorable things in there! After that we went to a Tesco Express and got some things for dinner and headed back to the hotel. The early morning start had us in bed quite soon after getting in. Both Mom and I were well in need of a good night's sleep, which is just what we got!


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  1. Your mum's such a cutie!
    What fantastic pics you got of the sun rising.