Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blair Castle


This is still the same day that we went to St. Andrews, next we got to visit Blair Castle, the family home of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl. It was my first castle visit, so needless to say, I was quite excited to see it.

There are lots of sheep and cows all over the countryside.

They actually have peacocks on the grounds just walking around!

Please ignore the blue flash on the bottom, I was walking and taking pictures. This is another side to the castle, it's huge! But you can only go into certain parts of it because some of the family still live in it.

You can't take pictures in most of the castle, only the ballroom, so these are a few shots from in there. I can't remember which Earl's wife this was, but I thought she was beautiful.

There was a Hercules garden down this path, but we didn't have time to explore it.

We stayed in The Highlands this night, but I didn't get any pictures because it started raining, but I'll show a few from the next morning on our drive back down.

Till then,

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  1. What a beautiful estate. How awesome it must be to have your own little corner in the world.