Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kildare Japanese Gardens


Day 12 of our tour took us from Dublin through to Kildare and onto Killarney. Our first stop (at least I think it was our first stop, I can't quite remember) was to see the National Stud and Japanese Gardens. We started off with the gardens which were amazing! I took so many pictures, and they don't even begin to capture the beauty of it.

You could choose which path you wanted to take, me being me, I chose the Easy Path, but by the time I was done walking and climbing through the gardens I found I took both paths, which does seem to have some resemblance to my own life.

I know this photo is blurry, but I had to share it, that was the tunnel of ignorance, which I just blindly (literally) went into. I used my camera flash to see my way through, it was completely dark, and I went alone, but I wanted to see what was on the other side. I got a good chuckle when I came out the other side to find this sign.

My feet on top of The Hill of Mourning, which I thought was appropriate for so many reasons in my life right now.

It was such a wonderful, fun and beautiful experience to go through this, I was amazed by how much I enjoyed it. I opted out of going to see the horses though, since it was pouring rain, so I did a little shopping in the gift shop till the group got back. Much more suited to me now don't you think?


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  1. What a beautiful garden. What did the sign say when you came out? It was the Tunnel of Ignorance one? How appropriate that it was dark inside and one would have to feel blindly about. That's what ignorance is yeah?

    We have a Japanese Tea Garden here in SF. I need to visit it as I haven't been to it for ages.