Friday, November 20, 2009

Another "Little Blessing"

Hello Knitters,
Well, here's my news I was talking about the other day; one of my cousins is having a baby in December and they are having a baby shower for her next weekend. I was just informed this last week and have been working on some projects since. The first thing I made was the Sheep Comfort Blankie from Natural Knits for Babies and Toddlers by Tina Barrett. I knit it in Patons Astra, however, I find it a bit stiff and not as soft as I would like, so I think I'm going to try washing it and see if that softens it at all. I sure hope so anyway. The second thing I'm working on is a pair of baby leggings, you can find the pattern here. I have one almost done, and so far I think they're going to be quite cute. I was listening to the KnitPicks' podcast #96: Knitting for Little Ones. And the ladies on there who had babies were recommending knitting baby leggings because they are easy to put on the baby, and not have to take off like you do with pants when changing their diaper. It sounded like a good idea, so I thought I'd give it a try. The yarn I'm using is Patons Kroy Socks in Paint Box. My Mom picked out this one because she loves the colour of it, and I do too. They're 80% sure it's a boy so I think this is a perfect, fun colour.

I've also got a picture to share with you of a little knitted cutie!

How adorable eh? This is the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest, Too from Susan B. Anderson's latest book Itty-Bitty Toys. I mentioned before that I was making it for one of the little girls on my Christmas List. Her name is Emma, and she has a huge imagination, which I just LOVE! I had a big imagination too when I was a little girl, in fact, I think I still do. Anyways, the last time I seen her, she was telling me about this little (imaginary) bird that she had in her hands. It was the cutest thing ever. So I thought that I would make her a little bird of her very own. I think she'll enjoy the fact that this little guy can hatch from an egg right in her hands. It was so much fun to make and I especially enjoyed the part where I got to sew it together and try it out for the first time. I think he has his own little personality, and I love that! It's so much fun to make a "little friend" with your own hands.

Well, I should be going, I've gotta get working again on the baby leg warmers. I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weekend!

Take care!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy in the Knitting Department

Hello Knitters,

Wow, things in the knitting department here have been on over-drive lately! I've been starting projects left and right, most are Christmas gifts, with one or two thrown in there that are for my own winter wear. I'm making progress on them all, so I feel good about that, but I finally am starting to feel a bit of pressure from the time crunch. The great thing is, I'm enjoying every project right now. I mean, I look forward to working on them and feel as though I can't get enough of them! I'm loving it! There's nothing better than to be fully enjoying the work of your hands.

I don't have any of the projects to a point where they can be photographed yet, so today's post will be pictureless. I'm also working on downloading some updates for my ipod so I can't upload pictures at the same time. We have dial-up still out here in the boonies! lol

Tomorrow my Mom and I are running into the city for the day. I have two doctor's appointments, and we have plenty of other errands to do at the same time. I'm hoping to get a chance to pop over to Gloria's yarn shop to look for some yarn for a scarf for my sister. She was giving me some specifics of what she'd like when we were out on a walk the other day, and I want to see if I can find something that will come close. I love picking out new yarns for projects. It's so much fun to watch the whole thing progress from ball of yarn to finished object.

Well, that's all I've got for today. I'm hoping that either tomorrow or Friday I will be able to give you all a peek at what I'm working on and give you some more updates and some good news! ;-) I'm keeping it a secret for now until I can show you a picture.

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Knitting a Kiss!

Hello Knitters,

As I said, I would be back today to tell you about the lovely little package that arrived in my mailbox yesterday. When I was done blogging, I went downstairs to find my Mother had brought in the mail, and the package for me. I had ordered the book last week, and it finally got here. I could hardly contain my excitement! It was Nicky Epstein's Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch. This book is amazing! Such a perfect thing for right now when you're trying to find ideas for Christmas gifts. In it there are more than 35 unique knitted gifts for everyone on your list. I'm in love! I've already decided on some of the projects for people on my list. I want to make the Pampering Spa Cloths, Slouchy Bow Hat, the All Heart Wrap and the Cable Delight Hat. Plus, there are tons more that I'd love to make, and I'm sure people would love to receive. If you're in need of a good gift project book, this is it! I can't wait to get started on some of these projects.

Well, I should be off to bed now. Have a great night everyone, and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Little Bit of an Update

Good Afternoon Knitters,
I've got the turkey pictures to show you today!! Isn't he cute?? He's Tom the Turkey, and even though here in Canada we've already had our Thanksgiving, he's still spreading the holiday cheer around our house! Again, I can't say enough about how fun, easy, and quick he was to make. I hope that Susan B. Anderson does another knitalong sometime in the near future, I'll be for sure joining!
On to other things, yesterday I had my H1N1 vaccine, since my doctor thought I should get it since I have asthma. It was a quick shot, but my goodness, does my arm ever hurt! They say the muscle ache should last for about 5 days, but I hope it's gone sooner. So far it hasn't affected my knitting too much, but if it gets any worse, it just might.
A couple of nights ago, my Mom was checking out some stuff on the TV, and she came to the ABC Family channel. Well it seems as though they are having a countdown to Christmas movie marathon every night for the month of November leading up to their 25 Day's of Christmas movie marathon starting December 1. I know it's a little early, but we've been enjoying the movies so far! There's nothing quite like watching a good Christmas movie while knitting Christmas gifts to get you in the spirit!
Now, on to the best part. The other day I got Susan B. Anderson's Itty-Bitty Toys in the mail, and have been glued to it since! If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you purchase it or check it out at the library. It's an amazing book, and it's filled with TONS of great knitting toys. I want to make almost every single thing in it, right now! I've already started two projects for Christmas gifts. I have two adorable 3-year-olds on my list and so I thought what would be better than a project from the book?? Emma is getting the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest, too which is one of the reversible toys, and Chaeli is getting the purple Hippo. I am having so much fun making these, and I can't wait to share them with you once they are finished!
Well, I should be going....downstairs on the table there is a package from the mailbox waiting for me to open it, and I can't wait to do so, and I'll share it's contents with you tomorrow! Till then,
Have a great day!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Dear!

Hello Everyone,

I'm having difficulty again with uploading my pictures, so today's post will be photo free. I'm so sorry! I wanted to share with you all my completed turkey from the Tiny November Knitalong. He's all finished and looks adorable. It was such a fun little project, what I great idea Susan B Anderson had! She's such a creative woman.

I didn't have a chance to knit at all this weekend because I was sick. I guess you know you're not well when even the idea of laying in bed all day knitting doesn't appeal to you! I'm beginning to feel better and hope to be back to working on projects very soon.

Today I spend the majority of the day cleaning out my clothes closet, window bench and dresser drawers. I made the switch from summer to winter clothing, and even donated a bunch of things I know I'm not going to wear again, but someone else might like to. I feel much better having gotten that all done, and tomorrow I'm hoping to get the rest of my room cleaned out and tidied up. I guess you could say it's fall cleaning time in our house right now!

Today I was told that there are something like 47 sleeps left till Christmas?? Can this really be right?? I just counted, and I think it's more like 46...oh dear!! Since I've not been very well for the majority of October and now into November, I haven't even gotten a big start on my Christmas gift list yet! This is not the best feeling I can tell you! I'm thinking I'm going to to have to scale back a whole lot this year, and I hope that people will understand. With the way my health has been, I know it's not wise to over-schedule myself right now. I guess I'm just going to have to do my best, and that's about all that I can do. This Christmas season is going to be an interesting one to say the least!

Well, I think it's time I go and lay down for a bit, maybe look over some ideas for quick gifts. I hope that you are all getting a great start to the week and staying well!!

Take care!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Charity Knitting Project

Good Morning Knitters,

I thought today that I would reveal what the new charity knitting project is! I wanted to find something that would allow me to use up some of my great big stash of baby yarns, so I decided on the Preemie Jester Hats from Knitting for Peace. The one I'm knitting right now is done out of Bernat Baby Jacquards in Strawberry Jam. I love the Jacquards, they are so much fun to watch as you knit because the colours and patterns are constantly changing, I love it! By the way, the colours in the picture don't look quite right, I'll try to get a more accurate picture in the near future!

I had to go back to the city yesterday for two appointments, so I didn't get my part of the turkey from the Tiny November Knitalong done. (Or much else for that matter) So that is what I'm going to work on while I have a cup of coffee. After that, I think I have a lot of catching up to do since things have been slipping by the wayside around here lately.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!!

Take care!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Hat of My Very Own

Hello there,

Sorry I didn't write yesterday like I had planned, but we went to the city to pick up some things, and by the time we got home, I was feeling more like lounging, than writing, so that's what I did. I'm back today though, and I have a secret project to show you. It's one that I was working on and never even said a word about on the blog because I didn't know how it was going to turn out. Well it turned out great, and I really like it! Yay!!

The other day when I was out walking with my Mom, I needed a hat because it was a tad on the chilly side. Well, I came to realize that I do not have my own knitted hat! I know it's sad, but I seem to knit for everyone else but myself? Does anyone else have that problem? So after borrowing a hat from my sister for that walk, I came back home with the resolve to sit right down that evening and knit up one for me. I wanted to have one that was warm and a bit on the slouchy side, so this was the pattern that I found on Ravelry that I really liked. The yarn I used was some Patons Rustic Wool that I've had for well over 8 years! I'm glad that I finally got a chance to use some of it up. It was a great little bit of stash busting! It knit up quickly, and now I can wear my very own hat when out walking. This makes me very happy, because I really appreciate the effort that I put into it. Which is something you can't always say about others whom we knit for, right? The only thing is, now I've noticed that I don't have a good pair of mittens to wear that will keep me warm on our chilly afternoon walks. Hmmm....I guess that will be something I'll have to correct in the near future.

I see that the fifth day of the Tiny November Knitalong has been posted, so I'm heading on over to the Spud Says blog to get working on the wings and the waddle!!

Have a grand day all!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Finally Some Photos!

Good Monday Everyone,

I finally was able to get my pictures to upload! Now I can update you all on the progress of my projects. Like I said the other day, I finished the Fetching fingerless gloves, and I really like how they turned out. They're super soft and warm. Great for this time of year when you don't need full mittens yet.
Here's a picture of the finished red charity mittens. I still do have to block them, but that's all. They were a fun and quick knit, and I can't wait to get them to some deserving child. Every kid should own a pair of red mittens in their life! Nothing says cheer and fun like the colour red when you're a kid.
And last, but not least is a picture of the leaves when they were in full colour. My camera couldn't capture the brilliance of them, and it was an overcast day, but in the sunshine, they just glimmered. A sure sign of the handiwork of God if you ask me!
Well that's all for today, I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about my new charity project, and an update on the Tiny November Knitalong!!
Take care!