Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesdays

Hi Knitters,

This week's Ten on Tuesdays is inspired by my Mother.  She gave me a list the other day of her words of wisdom so I thought I`d share them with you all!

  1. Always wear a sweater.  (This from the lady who had the best sweater-knitting Mom ever, so she always had awesome sweaters to wear.)
  2. Never run with scissors.  (I was always in a hurry as a child, so this one was told to me often!)
  3. Throw the torn and holey nightgown away - or you may end up going for an ambulance ride in it.  (She speaks this one from personal experience....)
  4. Always eat your breakfast.
  5. Always wear clean underwear. (I have a feeling this one ends just like the nightgown one.)
  6. Look both ways before crossing the street.
  7. It hurts to be beautiful - examples: plucking eyebrows, piercing ears, waxing armpits (the last one I`m just going to leave alone!)
  8. Don`t let your husband listen to his brother.  (Another one spoken from experience I assume.)
  9. Listen more than you talk. 
  10. Buy the best, but never pay full price.  (Spoken by the queen of amazing deal finding.)
I hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition of Ten on Tuesdays.  Have a great week everyone!!

Happy Knitting!!

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