Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bitty Cabled Cardigan

Happy Weekend Knitters,

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!  I'm in the middle of baking some bread (I'm waiting for it to rise right now) and working on placing a Knit Picks order.  It seems that I am going to run out of yarn for my swap knitting so I need to get some more asap.  Not that I mind at would be silly of me to order a few balls and not get the free shipping now wouldn't it? 

Anyways, the picture above is what I would call my "work desk" since it is where I do all my blogging, pattern searching/writing, Ravelry-ing, and quite a bit of my knitting.  I thought I'd show you what an average day for me at my desk looks like.  (The strange angle of the photo is because I'm taking it from sitting on the floor.  I was down there taking photos of other knitting projects and thought I'd snap it at the same time).  The desk is a bit, actually more like a lot, of creative chaos most of the time.  Sometimes I find it inspiring while other times I find it too cluttered to even think straight!  The point of this is - I was wondering where all of you do most of your knitting/creative work and how do you keep it inspiring and not messy?  I seem to be having a bit of a difficult time finding the right balance and just wondered what others do.

I also wanted to share the picture of my completed Bitty Cabled Cardigan now that I've got the picture to upload right-side up!  This pattern is by Heather Cabanas and I purchased it from Knit Picks.  It's part of their IDP (Independent Designers Program).  You can also purchase it from Ravelry hereI knit mine from Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Ivory and did the newborn (8-9 pounds) size.  It was super quick and very easy.  The baby I originally knit it for ended up being a little too big for it by the time I was ready to mail it, so I'm going to save it for another little one.  Now I need to find something else to knit for that baby :-)  But I think the Knit Picks order can help me out with that! 

Happy Knitting!!


  1. I just got a KP order today - just HAD to order enough for free shipping. :)

    I like your work space - I wish I had a space like that carved out for myself. I have a hutch with some drawers and a couple shelves, but it's not very user friendly. I'd LOVE to have a craft room!! Most of the time all my crafting things sit on/in the hutch, my sewing machine on a folding table by the hutch, and all my knitting on the kitchen table. Organized chaos is about all I can work with at the moment. :)

  2. Isn't the KP free shipping great? I used to sew at the dining room table a few years ago, but then we could never eat there because it was covered in fabric and thread, so I had to move to my bedroom where I sewed with my machine inside a tv cabinet. Right now I don't have my machine set up anywhere, I actually sewed with it on the floor a couple of days ago. I did used to have my own craft room and it was great, but since it's in the basement and I get cold easily, we turned it into a craft storage room. Maybe one day I'll find a way to heat it cheaply and can move back in. Until then I think I'll try setting up things a little bit better on my desk. The only problem with that is the desk is in my room, so it gets very cluttered quickly in here, which makes it hard to relax for bed!

  3. Love that little sweater.... adorable for sure. I'm a fan of free shipping to, and use it to full advantage. :) offers free supersaver shipping as well, so my book orders are always large enough to apply that you can be sure. I love your "knitting Knook". I can see why you enjoy your time spent there. I have a favourite knitting end on our sofa. It just feels right to knit sitting there. I have a wicker trunk that I keep beside my spot to corral all of the paraphenalia that goes along with this wonderful hobby. I have a craft room/spare room set up, but I seem to feel lonely there.

  4. Thanks Penny! Isn't it funny how there are just certain places that seem like the right place to knit? I can understand about feeling lonely in your craft room, there are those times when its nice to be alone and focus, but most of the time the great thing about knitting is being able to knit and be with other people at the same time :-)