Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Few More Additions

 Hello Again!!

I just wanted to pop in to show off a few more things that are making their way into the giveaway :-)  Since summer is almost here, I thought a nice beach tote and some summery reading were in order.  There's nothing quite like relaxing in the sun flipping through the newest's one of my favourite things to do.  Just ask my sister.  I remember how we spent hours one particular summer floating in the pool reading the July and August issues of Vogue (which are always the best!).  Nowadays, you will find me reading issues of Debbie Bliss (my favourite by far!), Vogue Knitting, and most certainly Interweave Knits while soaking up the sun.  This issue has some lovely lacy cardigans, a pair of lacy socks and the cutest Camp Smock by Mary Keenan.  It truly is a great issue!!

I also made a few little sparkly stitch markers to add.  I can never seem to have too many, and I hope that you are the same way.  Plus, it's always so nice to have something pretty to mark repeats and rows I think.

Today is the last day to enter (which you can do here) - you have till midnight!!  I will be back tomorrow with the winner :-)  Have a great evening everyone!!

Much Love xx 


  1. Navy and white are just so snappy together. You've such a generous heart!

  2. The stitch markers are to cute!