Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Pair of Socks


So many things have been going on around here lately and I have a lot of projects to share with you so I guess the best way to start is to just dive in!  Today I thought I start with the most recent pair of socks that I finished.  I knitted these for my Auntie M.  They're another pair of Plain Vanilla Socks knit out of some lovely Regia I had in my stash.  I started them back in the middle of May, but just finished them the other night.  They got put on hold while I was away and then while I worked on a few other projects.  It feels very good to have them done now and all I need to do is wash, block and package them up!!  And since I had a pair of empty needles, I did what any knitter would do......I cast on for another pair of socks of course!! 

Now that the weekend is pretty much here, I hope to have a little more knitting time to finish up a few more things on my needles.  I've got so many new ideas and plans formulating in my mind that I need to finish these off first before I can start anything new.  That definitely gives one motivation!! What do you have planned for this weekend?? 

Much Love, xx 


  1. I love the purple w/the red! Do you knit cuff down? Does the heel part seem complicated or pretty easy as long as you concentrate like for decreasing on a hat?
    Jo's turning 4 tomorrow :O). We had a dessert luau at her preschool that I'll show off on KO when I get a chance and we're headed to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tomorrow w/my bro and sil + take out dinner w/everyone and my parents and Jo's specially requested Strawberry Shortcake from a great bakery.

  2. Thanks! I knit cuff down, but I can do toe-up too, however, I find cuff down faster and easier for me. The heel turn, which you do after you knit the heel flap (which is just back and forth knitting - not hard at all), uses short-rows. The first few times you do it you need to pay attention, but after that it's smooth sailing :) I don't think it's any harder than doing decreases on at hat. I hope that helps!

    Sounds like you have a fun-filled weekend ahead!! Happy Birthday to Jo!!