Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colourful Granny Stripe


I have been trying to post about this for quite a while now, but it seemed like every time I began to write about it I would have something else to talk about that day, so now I am determined to write this post!  After I made the Granny Stripe Blanket back in the spring for the wedding gift, I knew I wanted to make one for myself.  The pattern is so soothing and fun to crochet and I really liked the bright colours that Lucy used in hers.  I wanted to use the same or similar yarn that she did, but couldn't find any.  Around the beginning part of May, I came across a company in the UK called Deramores that had free shipping to the US and they carried the Stylecraft Special DK!!!!!!  I was so excited that I placed an order practically in the middle of the night because that was when they re-stocked their colours with all the ones I needed!!  They arrived quite quickly, in about a week or two's time if I remember correctly.  I didn't start right away because I was trying to finish up some other projects, but I think I began the blanket the week before I went to Florida.  I keep it for my nighttime crochet right now because it's so easy to work on.  It's not too far along, I've got 17 rows done so far, but wow is it fun!!  I used the exact same 17 colours that Lucy did for hers, and you can find more information here on her blog.  As with the Hexie Blanket, I'm not pressuring myself to get this one done in a certain amount of time but am just savouring the process of working on it.  I think that's what I like most about making blankets - they're not something you rush through, but rather you enjoy the soothing process of making them.   

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Much Love, xx


  1. What fun to buy those colors and then put them together and start using them!