Friday, June 17, 2011

Housekeeping Friday


Guess what!?!?  I FINALLY figured out how to fix my pictures on the blog!!  I've been noticing for a very long time that all my pictures would upload looking quite bad compared to what they look like on my computer, so I did a little google search and found a nice little helpful note!!  If you've been having the same problem, I highly suggest you check out the link and see if it will help you too.  And by the way, right now instead of deleting the /s400, I've changed it to /s800.  I also changed my width pixels from 372px to 400px to make a square and undistorted photo.

Anyways, onto some housekeeping updates.  First off, I wanted to say that I finally took the time to go through my schedule and see if I had the time to do a pair of socks a week again for this month, and the conclusion is no.  Things are just too busy right now to guarantee that I would get them done, so I thought I'd not put the pressure on myself.  Instead, I joined the Summer of Socks 2011 Group on Ravelry to help keep me motivated to knit socks over the course of the summer but not put unreasonable (at the moment) expectations on myself.  The goal is to knit a pair of socks a month from specific patterns.  The starting date is June 21st and it goes to September 21st.  The first two months sock patterns have been chosen already: Month #1 - Summer Spirals and Month #2 - Medallion Lace Socks.  The pattern for Month #3 hasn't been chosen yet.  Both patterns are lovely and I'm very excited to knit them!!  I've already got my sock yarn for this first pair.  I'm using Plymouth Sockotta and am super excited since these will be my first pair of cotton socks!!  Perfect for summer if you ask me :-)  If you're into sock knitting and have the time, come on over and join in on the fun!!

I do have a pair of socks on the needles right now while I wait for SOS to begin.  That's them up in the top picture.  I'm using some lovely Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn that my cousin TL gave me.  It's amazing to knit with and the colour, which is called Fondant, is beautiful!!  I can hardly wait to wear them!!  Thanks TL!!  You're introducing me to such wonderful sock yarns!!  :-)

I also thought I'd mention that I am still working away on getting through all my WIPs.  I've taken a bit of a break at the moment, but I've made some good progress.  I will continue to work away on them as I can, but I'm allowing myself to do a little more "enjoyable" and "spur-of-the-moment" knitting over the summer.  I'm also still working on knitting from my stash.  I do have to say that I haven't stuck to the "no new yarn" policy as much as I should, but I'm trying to only buy yarn for things I need to knit that I don't have suitable yarn in the stash for.  Part of the sock knitting I've been doing recently is to use up my slightly large stash of sock yarns.  I also have been making some toys with leftovers from other projects.  So the stash is getting more and more manageable!!  It's actually quite thrilling to see the plans I made at the beginning of the year start to have visible results.  It makes it much more encouraging to continue on.

I thought it was about time for a little housekeeping updates seeing as how I have so many thoughts/plans that I share with you all but rarely do I keep up with them and let you all know how they are coming along.  I'm hoping to have the blog be more...hmm....what's the word I'm looking for??.....structured, or stable, maybe?  Instead of so very flighty as it has been.  I apologize for that, it's just that I'm quite flighty most of the time myself so I guess it translates over to the blog.  I'm trying to work on being more consistent within my own life lately and I hope that it will reflect here as well. 

It's finally FriDaY so have a great start to the weekend everyone!! 

Much Love, xx


  1. Blogs are like clay; they're moldable to our whim :O).
    I love, love that colorway you're using for the sock. It's awesome and neat.
    What a good tip about photos. After I upload mine to our laptop, I edit them but using the Auto Adjust button on Windows Live so the exposure and color are automatically fixed and it's straightened if need be.

  2. It's wonderful to hear about your sock knitting. I WILL have a finished pair of socks by the end of the summer for myself. :)

    I think structure to blogs are nice, but being spontaneous is good too!

  3. You're welcome. I thought that colourway was such a pretty colour. The name fondant just reminded me of you and your wonderful cake baking talent. I have a rather large stash of sock yarn as well....that's why I've decided to be a crazy lady with the 52 pair challenge!!