Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Ready


Wow, I didn't know there was so much to do in order to get ready to leave the country!!  I've been wanting to blog all week but just couldn't find the time till now. 

We are leaving tomorrow at 2:30pm and have a full day of flying ahead of us.  We take three different planes before landing in Denmark - one from here to Toronto, from there to Iceland, then finally on to Denmark.  We will land at what I calculated (i.e. read could very well be wrong) to probably be around 7:00am Sunday morning here, but it will be about 1:00pm there.  I'm still unsure of what to bring as my plane project, but I'm going to need to decide very soon.

I did a swatch of the shawlette for the KAL today (oh yes, amongst my packing and getting ready, which would probably be why I'm not done yet) and I think it's going to look quite nice!  I tried and tried to find a knitted edge that I liked, but in the end the one I came up with is actually crochet.  It's not anything complicated, it just uses chains, single crochet and double crochet.  It creates a nice scallop along the edge and gives the shawlette the look I was going for, so I'm quite excited about it!!  I pre-blogged the beginning of the shawlette pattern so it will go up on Monday as planned.  I did this just in case I'm not able to get wi-fi right away.  I wanted you all to be able to start and not have to wait for me to get online to post it.  I will follow up with the the edge pattern a few days later.

Well, that's my little update :-)  I should get back to my packing.  Talk to you all soon!!

Much Love, xx  


  1. I'm gonna try to do the KAL. Digging around in my stash for medium yarn..

  2. Yay!! I hope you can join in :D

  3. Anonymous said...I'll pray that you have a safe flight, flights in this case :)

    The kal sounds fun, I'm sure it'll turn out spectacular, as your other designs, you're a wonderful designer! I don't know if I'll be able to participate since I have other things going on (designing, knitting, and knitting some more) but I look forward to seeing your and everyone else's progress?! You should set up a Ravelry group where everyone can share photos of their shawls :) maybe when you come back from your trip, for another design?

    Hope you have an amazing time!!


  4. Aww, thanks Elly!! You're so sweet :D I can totally understand about having a lot of other things going on. I hope to share progress pictures as much as possible, and maybe if we get enough people knitting along, then a Ravelry group might be a good idea! It sure would be a lot of fun :)