Monday, June 13, 2011

Petite Purls Summer 2011 Issue


I know this is a little late, but the Summer 2011 Issue of Petite Purls is out!!  I just found out yesterday, and I have to say I am completely THRILLED with this issue!!!!!!!!!  This is their 2nd year anniversary and to celebrate, they decided to dedicate the whole issue to toys.  I'm a big fan of knitting and crocheting toys, so this news has been so exciting to me :-)  I have to admit that as soon as I seen the new issue and Susan B. Anderson's newest pattern Fat Robin, I had to cast right on!  This leads me into my list of favourites.  I can honestly say that every pattern in the whole issue is a favourite, but these are my top 5 picks.

Top 5 Favourite Patterns

1. Fat Robin - Susan B. Anderson - This little momma is so adorable!!  Like I said, I've already knit her and just have to make her nest.  She is an interactive toy who sits on her eggs like a good momma robin does, and she can even hide them under her tail!!  She would entertain children for a very, very long time.

2. To Market - Kate Oates - When I was little I loved to play "kitchen" whether it was with plastic toy food, play dough or just make-believe.  These knitted veggies, eggs and milk bottle, along with the basket to carry them home from the market would have provided me with hours of fun.  They're knit from Berroco Vintage, which I just used recently on the Cupcake Hat and I have to say it is fast becoming a favourite yarn of mine!!  I really find it fun how Kate incorporated some unexpected veggies like the red pepper and red onion.  This would be a fun knit that would thrill any child.

3. Duuuude the Sea Turtle - Kahra Grae - I've always liked turtles (I'm knitting a turtle of a different design right now!) and this one is super cute!   I'm also a big fan of Finding Nemo, so this little guy is a favourite for me.  The eyeballs are beyond cute and the simple construction make him a very fun and fast knit.  This would be a great toy for the young and the young at heart.

4. Margarita - Mia Zamora-Johnson - I've liked fairies since I first seen Peter Pan as a very young girl, so this pattern for an adorable flower fairy really jumped out at me as a must-make!  She is crocheted, so she'd work up very fast.  I've seen Mia's dolls before, and I'm so excited to actually make one now.  She is a fantastic and very, very talented designer! 

5. Texture Bite - Nancy Anderson - Ok, as soon as I seen the cover photo for this issue featuring this beautiful bear, I knew I would have to make him!!  He is knit with a variety of different stitch patterns to give him texture, and I think it lends a lovely character to him as well.  He's sure to become a much loved favourite of any child!!  The yarn used is Spud & Chloe Sweater in the colour Toast, which is my favourite brown!!  I'm going to have to order some of this yarn and knit him up!!

There are so many great patterns that my top five doesn't even begin to scratch the surface!!  A few others that I just have to mention are: Noopy's Lovey by Leah Olender, Bubo by Corinne Fourcade, Scottie by Debbie Bliss, Mao by Angela Tong, and Tadpole by Katie Boyette. 

They also included some cute sewing projects like Sewn Egg Chick and Flora & Fauna Baby Rattles as well as a awesome tutorial on stuffing your toys by Carey Huffman. 

There's also some great interviews (which I always enjoy reading), with Susan B. Anderson about her newest book Spud and Chloe at the Farm and Joanna Johnson about her book Freddie's Blanket.  And their Renaissance Mom is Christina Platt of the gorgeous Bamboletta dolls!! 

You've got to check this issue out for yourself!!  I know you will find tons of patterns you'll want to make right away too :-)  And the fun thing about toys is that they make great summer knitting projects because they're relatively small and quick to make - perfect for outdoor picnics with the family, long car rides on the way to your vacation destination, or even poolside while the kids swim.  They're very portable and incredibly rewarding to knit.  There's nothing quite like the smiles and joys that a handmade toy can bring to a child you love!! 

And I'd just like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS!! to Allegra and Brandie on Petite Purls 2nd year anniversary!!  Thank you so much ladies for such wonderful issues.  I look forward to each and every one!!

Much Love, xx


  1. Are these patterns always free? How neat!

  2. Yes they are always free, which makes this online magazine especially awesome. It's like Knitty but for children's patterns :D

  3. I can't believe Henry and Henrietta aren't on your top 5 list! I'm so disappointed with you young lady! haha j/k. This issue of Petite Purls is my favorite by far!

  4. Oh I forgot about Henry and Henrietta!! See, there are just so many cute patterns in this issue!! lol