Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Feb. 16

Hi Knitters,

This week I've been working on the Trekking Socks.  I have one done, and this is my progress so far on the second one.  I was hoping to have them both finished by now, but I think I over-estimated how long it would take me to knit them.  Sometimes I think I can knit faster than I really can....

This is the beginning of what is to be a Granny Stripe Blanket.  I'm making it for a sweet couple who's wedding I'm going to at the beginning of April out in San Diego.  I just purchased the yarn today and I plan on starting it some time tomorrow.  It will be my first full-sized afghan!  I spent last night drooling over all the gorgeous ones on Ravelry, and if this one turns out well, I want to make one for myself in lots of bright colours.  I can't think of a better spring crochet project than something colourful and sunny!

Since both projects are on the bigger side, I've decided to just keep my current WIPs at two instead of three, that way I can focus on them and get them done quicker.  And I have less chance of getting overwhelmed. 

I hope everyone is having a great week.  We are enjoying warm and sunny weather here right now (43 F here today!).  I'm trying to take in every bit of it while it lasts since they're calling for cooler temps again for the weekend.  It sure felt like spring out there today though, so it does give one hope! 

Happy Knitting!!


  1. I love the colour of your trekking socks... what a cheeful combo. You'd never have the winter blues with those on your feet. Your friends will love their afghan.... it looks like a pattern I might just have to try. Knit on!

  2. What fun, bright colors those are for your Trekking socks!
    Granny afghans can be so inspirational! I will crochet some day this year. I can't wait to see your beginnings of that project.