Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wedding Week is Coming

Hello Knitters,

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely fall weekend.  I know that I'm trying to take in the last of the beautifully coloured leaves.  The weather is a bit chilly, but that's always a good thing for us knitters now isn't it? 

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with things around here very well this last week or so.  I've been super busy and getting even more so now that my sister's wedding is only a week away.  One!  Time has been flying by and it's almost here!  This last week I've baked, glazed, piped, bagged, tied ribbon bows and froze around 240 sugar cookies - they are destined to be the favours for the reception.  Now of course I didn't do all that by myself, my wonderful Mother helped me out.  I'm so blessed to have such a great Mom!!  She's always willing to lend a hand with whatever I might be up to - no matter how crazy it is or how late at night it happens to be! 

Besides the cookies, I've also begun to bake the wedding cake.  I'm freezing them so that I don't have to bake them all right beforehand.  I'm almost half-way through, which is great.  I was hoping that I would be completely done Sunday night, but apparently the power is going to be off for part of the day tomorrow so that cuts into my baking time.  I've decided that I will try to bake as late as I can tonight to make up for it though since I really need to get working on some other wedding things. 

Anyways, where I was going with all this was that I wanted to say that I'm going to dedicate all next week to wedding-related stuff.  I thought it would be fun to have a 'wedding week.'  I'll try my best to sneak in as much knitting as I can so that it's not all un-knitting-related things. 

Well, I'm going to get back to my baking.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Happy Knitting!!

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