Thursday, October 7, 2010

Days Go By

Good Afternoon Knitters,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!  Things here sure are getting busy now that the wedding date is getting close.  There is lots yet to do, but I'm hoping that by the end of next week I'll have a ton of it done.  I'm working on creating a schedule to keep me on track so I can accomplish everything I need to.  I haven't begun to get excited yet, but I'm sure that will come soon, once more things start coming together.  I never knew weddings were so much work!!  For my sister, it's almost like having another full-time job.  She's so great at all her planning and organizing, I think I need some tips from her :-)

For my knitting, I've been basically working on stuff for my swap partner's last package that I'm late sending out due to running out of yarn and then my Yorkie Emmie fell down the stairs and got quite hurt, so I haven't been able to leave her home alone to go and get the yarn I ordered from the postal place which is an hour away.  Thankfully, I'm blessed with having a very understanding swap partner who doesn't mind waiting a little bit longer for her package :-) and little Emmie is starting to do much better.  I'm planning on having it out by Monday since I should be able to get to the post office tomorrow to pick up the yarn.  But since my knitting has been swap related I can't share any pictures just yet.  I have also been working on a crochet baby blanket when I find I need something simple to do, but I don't have any progress pictures of it yet either.  I really haven't had much time to do much crafting.  Hopefully I will have something to share within the next few days.  Even if it's just a sneak peek.  I feel so bad for not having any pictures or reports! 

Anyways, I just wanted to check in, I should get back to my work.  I'm trying to figure out how to make a tuxedo for a frog.....more on that later :-)

Happy Knitting!!

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