Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Lies Ahead...And a Quick Project

Hello All,

I truly believe what my "little" coffee cup up there says, "Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee." My Mother bought it for me because when she seen it she said she thought of me. And here I was thinking no one was noticing my ever increasing coffee addiction...

Things around here are about to get very hectic, rushed and busy. It's like the calm before the storm right now. That is why, while I had the time, I made this:

It's the "Pin Cushion Caddy" from Anna Maria Horner's book Seams to Me. If you recall, I mentioned here that I had got her book and just fell in love with it. (I honestly stare at it when I'm stressed and try to imagine myself making things from it to soothe my soul). Well the other day was the first time I've gotten a few spare minutes to do some sewing, so since I had some fabric on hand, I decided to give it a shot. It did turn out slightly (an understatement here) larger than Anna's, but I still love it. All the more room to cart things around in I say. ;0) Here are a few pictures of it in progress.

This is me trying to decide which colourway to make it from...the pink/brown won out, but don't feel bad for the blue/green...I have other plans for it.

This is it being sewed. I'm adjusting to sewing on a machine I got for my birthday last year. Its a Husqvarna Viking Iris Embroidery machine. Its great for embroidering, but I hadn't used it before for actual sewing. Well the other day while I was using my old cheapie, it just kept screwing up till I got to the point of wanting to throw it out the window. I thought, 'Oh I'll teach you cheapie, I'm going to bring out the big girl! Now you've had it! Hahaha!' It works quite nicely I must say and I do not miss old cheapie at all (well hardly anyway...).

Now about all this insanity that is about to break loose...Here's the skinny: This weekend I think the girls in the house are going on a Petoskey shopping trip for the day (fun, fun, fun!! Haven't been away with my sister in ages!). Then Sunday I have to do more "test" cake baking before I start on the real cakes...oh wait...did I forget to mention that I'm making a wedding cake to feed 200 people for this Friday??? Well, it's the truth. I'm scared out of my pants, but I'm going to jump in with both feet and pray my way through! I'll be sure to post pics along the way of the whole 'cake journey.' I've been test baking today as far the coconut cake has past approval, which is good. The cake is going to have a 3 tier stacked for the main cake, and then 4 cakes that will be placed around the bottom. I've been given pretty much complete creative license over this, so I'm quite excited! There will be at least 5-6 different flavours of cakes...that's why I'm doing test cakes right now, actually they are cupcake versions of the cakes I'm going to do. All in all, this should be pretty interesting/exciting/nerve racking!! eek!! Anyways, back to the heticness...Monday I have an appointment in the city followed by supplies shopping and whatnot, then Tuesday is my actual baking day (don't worry, I'm freezing them!). Wednesday I have another appointment in the city, with hopefully some last-minute pick-ups. Then Thursday I will be filling, icing and assembling the cake as it is due on Friday. Put all this together with the other things that are bound to pop-up and my increasing nervousness...and it makes for quite the week to say the least. Lucky for me my sister is taking this next week off from work, so she is around to give me a hand when things get rough! :0) Gotta love sisters!!

I'm off for some more baking...

Have a good night all!!

P.S. I "treated" my self last night and ordered some fabric online!! Here in the Great White North, we have a hard time getting our hands on anything of real nice quality, so I thought I'd do the next best thing, and ordered myself up a batch!! I can't for it to get here!

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