Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I'm sorry for my absence over the last half a week.  My Grandma had a stroke on Thursday and so things have been a bit stressful and busy the last few days.  She is doing great now, Praise the Lord!  And we are all so happy with her recovery.  She is still in the hospital, but she should be able to go back to the Rest-Home soon.

I finished my Snowbunnies Mittens over the weekend!!  I was motivated to get them done so I could take them to the hospital to show Grandma yesterday.  She really liked my Cupcake Mittens so I thought she'd enjoy seeing these as well.  She is a master knitter and my hero.  She is no longer able to knit, but she seems to like to see what projects I'm working on and to hear about my knitting.  For a long time I didn't say much regarding knitting because I didn't want to make her feel bad about not being able to knit anymore, but I have found that that's not the case at all.  I think she is very happy to see the knitting tradition being carried on in our family and I see a special spark in her eyes when she sees me knit.

I found these ones turned out to be larger than my Cupcake ones, but I think it's because my guage was off at some points.  I've been learning so much about stranding while knitting these, and it takes some practice to get it consistent, but I'm willing to keep working on it.  Now I'm trying to decide which pattern to start next....

I hope you are all having a great week!!



  1. I'm sure she's beamin' proud of you. Sorry to read she's suffered a stroke. Hope she has a speedy and thorough recovery.

  2. Heard about your Grandma, and have been praying for her, so I'm glad to know she's doing well. I'm sure she's delighted to know that you are loving a craft she spent many hours with. Infact, I remember seeing some sweaters that she knit...... what beautiful work. Your mittens are delightful...... I'm a bunny nut.

    1. Thank you Penny! Yes, those sweaters of hers are legendary! lol