Friday, January 6, 2012

A Friday Post


I have been trying to write posts and upload photos for a couple of days now, but for one reason or another, neither has worked out as planned.  So here I am, Friday night, and finally I'm getting a post together.  To start off, I finished knitting the Cupcake Mittens.  I still have one more thumb to do, weave in the ends and block them, but the main parts are both done.  Here you can see the one when I was picking up the thumb stitches:

I'm so happy with these and how they are turning out.  The blue and white striped thumb is so pretty and adds to the cuteness of the mittens.  I'm hoping to get them finished over the weekend, so Monday I should have a completed pair to show you. 

I also finished my Lizzie Bennet's Shawlette.  I took my own sweet time knitting this one, so that's why it took a while, but it was honestly a ton of fun and I am really happy with it.

This is one of those projects where they yarn and the pattern come together perfectly to make something that really shines.  I'm already excited to wear it.  Now to find the perfect outfit....
Well, I think I will go and enjoy the rest of this Friday night, and do some more fun knitting.  Have a great start to your weekend.