Saturday, February 9, 2013

Watermelon Socks


A couple of days ago while I was catching up on some blogs, (since I haven't had the chance to read them much since before Christmas), I came across a post about socks on Susan's blog.  Now I am always an admirer of Susan's socks, but this time one pair in particular stood out to me: her Watermelon Socks.  I went and looked up the yarn details right away but soon remembered that I am currently attempting not to buy much yarn till I work through more of my stash.  And at that sad moment, while I was lamenting the fact that I would not be able to have my own pair of watermelon socks, I remembered a few years ago Knit Picks did a watermelon inspired colourway in Felici Sport called Picnic, and I just happened to still have three balls in my stash!  I went and dug 2 of them out of the bin and immediately cast on for my own slightly different, but still watermelon-ish pair of socks.

I'm enjoying each and every stitch; they are making me so happy!  The colours flow into each other perfectly and the tones remind me of spring/early summer.  I don't have very many pairs of sport-weight socks, so these will be a welcomed addition to my sock drawer.  The slightly thicker yarn and bigger needles makes them knit up so fast.  I'm now planning a couple more pairs using some of the other sport-weight sock yarn that I found in my stash.  Clearly I need to go stash diving more often.

I hope you are having a great weekend!


P.S. I do have to say that Susan's Rainbow and Cloud socks also caught my eye...they're stunning!  But I'm trying my best to resist buying that yarn though... I better go check if I have any rainbow-ish yarn in the stash first.


  1. Those socks are just too cute, they make me so ready for spring and warmer days!

    1. Me too, they're the perfect thing to work on when it's all white and grey outside :)

  2. Susan finds the greatest sock yarn! This Picnic is totally watermelo. If you wanted to take it further, you could duplicate st little black Vs.