Thursday, February 21, 2013



Today I thought I'd talk a little bit about what's currently on my hooks.  Above is my first try at Broomstick Lace.  This is one of the techniques that I wanted to learn this year as part of my New Years Resolutions.  I'm starting out with a baby blanket, and so far it's going well.  I really like the lacy-ness of it, and it's nice and drapey.
There is a little bit of a back story to this project: When my sister was born, someone made her a gorgeous yellow Broomstick Lace baby blanket, and I remember when we were little we'd play house and she would wrap her baby doll up in it all the time. I thought it was the most beautiful blanket ever and always wanted to wrap my dolly up in it, but my sister wasn't too keen on that!  So right then and there I knew I wanted to make my own someday.  When I first learned to knit I was so excited and asked Mom if I could make one of these blankets, but she told me it was crochet.  Then when I finally learned how to crochet I went and asked her again about the blanket and she told me it was a totally different kind of crochet done with a broomstick handle and I had to learn how to regular crochet first.  That was a couple of years ago, so when I was making up my resolutions list for this year I figured I finally had the basics of crochet down and could try tackling this technique!  I did want to do it in yellow so it would be like the original one, but I thought I'd try to do some stashbusting at the same time and all I had was this blue yarn.  If I like how it turns out I'm going to make a yellow one and keep it for when I have my own babies to wrap up in it.  Maybe I'll save this blue one for my sister!

The other thing that I have on the go right now is this cute little baby sweater.  I came across this pattern yesterday and thought it was just the thing I was looking for.  I'm using some Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly Baby Sport from my stash.  The main colour is this cobalt blue and I'm doing a contrast edge in fresh green.
Well, that's what's on my hooks for today, what's on yours?


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  1. These are two, cute projects! The blue is beautiful and how awesome to make something you remember from your childhood. The sweater is terrific. Had to Pin that.