Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hedgehog Day


Happy Groundhog and Hedgehog Day!!  In honour of this special day, I knit a hedgehog dishcloth for my Dishcloth Challenge.  Usually I try to bake a little something cute for such an occasion, but since those in this house are currently watching their weight, I decided a cloth was a better idea.
This cutie was designed by my friend Ber.  She is so talented, and the pattern is extremely well written and cute to boot!  And it whips up super fast.  I did mine this morning and it hardly took any time at all.
Apparently Phil and Wiarton Willie did not see their shadows today, so that means an early spring!  Yippy!!  I couldn't think of anything better, especially with Easter being in March this year.  I do so enjoy a real "springy" Easter!

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. How fun you have a hedgehog day too. It will be nice to have an early spring as it's been a wetter winter here than in the past.
    The dishcloth is cute. I LOL'd at how you didn't bake. I love how my mum bakes well but my skinny jeans dont't.

  2. We've had a lot more snow than the past couple of years so far, so an early spring will be nice. Not that I'm complaining about the snow, I'm so happy we actually have lots!
    Thanks! Yes, I thought it best for all involved if I didn't bake! lol No one's skinny jeans would be very happy with me if I did ;)