Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Monday


Today I thought I'd share some little snippets from my day yesterday.  As you can see, it was a gorgeous sunny winter's day.  It's been lovely to see the sun lately after quite a few dreary and snowy days.  Not that I mind the snow of course, it's so nice to actually have a "real" winter.

I've been working on more dishcloths.  I started this one during an afternoon lull.  The colours are nice and cheery and remind me of summertime.

I've been in a Valentine mood these last few days, so I had to knit these two.  The one on the left, the real verigated one, is my favourite.  I only had one ball, but I could knit quite a few cloths in this colour!  I may have to pick up a couple more next time I'm at Michael's.

Pride and Prejudice is what's currently on my nightstand.  Although it's actually on my floor as you can see since I don't have a nightstand.  It's something I hope to get in the near future.  I think it would be nice to have a place to put my book as well as a lamp for reading at night.  Right now I have white twinkle lights strung up on my back wall for extra lighting at night, but a lamp would really help with my bedtime reading.

 Mr. Bingley had himself a very cozy nap on my Granny Stripes in the afternoon.  This is his favourite blanket.  He has to give it a good kneading each time he sees it.

And finally!  Something other than a dishcloth has been in the works.  Hopefully I'll have some finished photos to share tomorrow.

I hope that you all had a lovely Monday and that your Tuesday is getting off on the right foot!  Have a lovely day,


  1. Very cozy in your house! Great things goin' on. Your cat knows how to live it up!

  2. I love your dish cloths they are so cute! Seeing all of your crocheting really inspires me to learn.

    1. Thanks! Oh you really should give it a go, it's honestly one of the best things I have ever learned :)