Tuesday, February 26, 2013



My goodness, it feels like an age since I last wrote!  I think it was Thursday to be exact.  But I do have to say that I had a pretty good excuse for neglecting the blog.  I started something last Friday night and it has been demanding all of my time.  It happens to be one of those projects that you just can't tear yourself away from, it demands all your attention morning, noon, and night.  I'm not complaining though.  It's one of those cheery, bright, fun sorts of things, and right now I could use all three in my life.  

Here's a peek at my progress over the last few days:

Sunday Morning
Sunday Late Afternoon
Monday Morning
Tuesday Morning 
As you can see I've been spending a good portion of my days with this blanket and it's coming along swimmingly.  The pattern is from Lucy of Attic24 and is called Granny Patchwork Blanket.  She created it as a way to use up her stash of Stylecraft yarn, and since I had my own little stash of it left over from my Granny Stripes Blanket, I thought it would be just the thing.  And I couldn't have been more right.  It feels great to have the joy back in working a project.  I didn't fully realize how much I missed it until I started to work on something that gave me such a thrill as this does.  It really is such a pleasure to work on.  Speaking of that, I'm going to go hook up some more squares before my afternoon run.  I hope you have a lovely day, and I will be back again when I can pull myself away from this lovely long enough to write!



  1. I love it! My gosh from a few rows to eight? And I like how each Granny is in one color. I must put this pattern in my queue.
    I'm glad you are well and happy. XO

    1. Thanks Stef!! You'll love making this blanket, it's very fast and fun :)