Friday, May 25, 2012

Vacation Knits


Well, I'm finally home! The plane Mom and I were flying on from Atlanta to Detroit on Tuesday got delayed so we ended up missing our flight to Sault Michigan. We only missed it by a few minutes too, and since it was the last flight out that night, we had to stay in Detroit and then fly out the next day around noon. My cousin and Auntie M were on a different flight than we were, so they made it home as planned, which was good. Mom and I looked at the whole thing as an adventure so it really wasn't that that big of a deal. We ended up getting home Wednesday evening, and I just relaxed yesterday. Today I have to go to the city for a doctors appointment for the vertigo. I'm praying this will fix it and I will be well again very soon.

Anyways, today I wanted to show you a few of the things I knitted while on vacation.

I knit this little gnome for Matt as a birthday present and I got Mom to embroider the flowers on his shirt to make him a tropical gnome.

I knit this tiny frog for a friend, isn't he cute? The pattern for these two was gifted to me by my friend Julie (Tanknit) for my birthday. It's the Tiny Things Collection 3 from Mochimochiland. I want to knit the little stack of pancakes next! I really enjoy making miniatures, they're fast and the end result is always so cute. Thank you Julie for these!!

This is the sock I started on the way to Myrtle Beach using the Cascade Heritage that Jessica sent me. I took this picture our last night there and I ended up finishing it on the car ride home from the airport. I haven't started the second one yet though. I've been working on my Patchwork socks since I came home and I have one finished and I'm almost to the heel flap on the second one. They're just zipping right along! As soon as I get the second one done I'm going to cast on for the second one of this pair. I've really been enjoying working with the Cascade Heritage yarn, its so soft and the colours are gorgeous!

I didn't get much knit on my Whippoorwill, but I think I'll get back to it soon. It was just a little too much for me to concentrate on when I wasn't feeling well. I think it's going to be beautiful though and I was enjoying knitting it when I could.

Well, that's all for today!


  1. The gnome and frog are really cute! Must have been very fiddley knitting. Great job!

  2. When you miss your flight b/c of a delay, does the airline put up a hotel for you?
    Great FOs you finished on your holiday.

    1. Yep, the airline will give you vouchers for a hotel room as well as transportation to and from the hotel and for meals, although we were flying Delta, and they are cheap so we only got 6 dollars each for our meals, which was supposed to be for three all worked out fine though :) They also re-book you on the next flight out, so all you have to do is scan your ticket and it prints you out a new one for the next flight. It was actually pretty neat to see how everything works.

  3. You are welcome Raili. I am so glad you enjoyed those minis. Glad you made it home safely.