Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One-a-Day Tuesday


Well, I've decided to stick with tradition and post my One-a-Day progress on Tuesdays like so many others before me have.  It seems to work for them so I think it will work for me too.  This is how far I am on my blanket right now before I add any new hexies.  Due to being busy cleaning I haven't done Monday's or Tuesday's yet, but I'm going to do them both up tonight.

I thought I'd explain a little bit about the blanket if you are a newer reader or if you don't remember me working on it before.  I got most of the yarn while in California for a cousin's wedding and then a couple other skeins were gifted to me in two swap packages.  I started it almost right way, which was last spring, but after a while it was clear something wasn't quite right.  My gauge was way, way off.  I put it away because I had done so much already I didn't want to think about having to take it all apart.  I picked it back up again this spring and decided to turn it into a pillow cover instead of ripping back  

I then started a new blanket using a bigger hook and I'm much happier.  It's drapy and soft unlike the stiff and tight pillow cover.  I'm not sure how big I'm going to make the blanket yet, but I think I'll just decide as I go along.  My plan is to do a hexagon a day, or more if I feel like it.  Sometimes I find I get into a groove while working on them and don't want to stop.  They're quite fun to hook, I think it's all the colours.

Now I better wrap up this post and get to making those hexies while it's still Tuesday.



  1. Your pillow cover is so catchy! Love it. That was a great pattern to try out, yeah? My Jo loves her blankie.

  2. Great pillow. This makes me want to dust off my hooks!