Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dahlia Socks


I know today is Tuesday and I should be posting a one-a-day progress report, but I haven't worked on my hexagon blanket at all this past week.  I should be back on track next Tuesday though.  So instead, today I thought I'd share the other pair of socks I finished on Sunday.

These are the Dahlia socks I took with me on vacation.  As I mentioned before, the yarn was a birthday gift from my friend Jessica, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of knitting this pair.  The yarn is great and the colours are lovely!  I really am getting quite a hand-knit sock stash now aren't I?  I can't think of anything better though, cause hand-knit socks are up at the top of my list of the great comforts in life!



  1. Your socks are beautiful - as I knew they would be! :) I'm envious of your sock stash...must.knit.more.socks! :)

  2. These are a sweet pair. You should take stylized pic of all the socks you've made :O).

  3. I love these socks. I agree with Kepanie, you should post a pic of all your socks together