Friday, May 4, 2012

Randomness on a Friday


Just some random bullet points:

  • Today is my Grandma's birthday.  She is the one who originally inspired me to knit and is my biggest knitting hero.
  • It's a truly lovely day outside, I'm sure the buds on the trees will be popping out soon enough.
  • Even though I've finished a ton of WIPs I still feel somehow like I'm drowning in my projects....
  • I've decided to start working on my Hexagon Blanket more often by applying the one-a-day method.
  • I'll be sure to post updates here on how it's going once a week like Stefanie does - she's the one who inspired me to do this in the first place.  I've so enjoyed reading her posts about her blankets in-progress.
  • I really want to learn to do hand-stitching this summer as well as make a quilt.
  • I need to find a place to keep my sewing machine set up so I'm more likely to sit down and sew.
  • I started the May socks.  They're another toe-up pattern.....more about them tomorrow.
  • My dear cousin has started a homesteading blog, do check her out!  She's a great writer and I know this is going to make for a fun, interesting and enjoyable read.
  • I've started running again to get my strength back up and get in shape for summer.  So far it's going well. My goal is to eventually go for runs outside, but due to the many wildlife (bears, big, big wolves and possible cougars), as well as not wanting to look stupid in front of the neighbours, I'm currently sticking to the treadmill.
  • I have a big knitting project that needs to be steeked, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it yet.  I'm pretty much just winging it.  That coupled with the fact that my yarn has only 25% wool in it is making me a little hesitant of actually sitting down and cutting....  I heard it's best to steek wool since it sorta felts together to help keep it from unraveling, so I'm not sure what to do yet since 25% isn't really all that much.  Any advice?
  • I've been putting off sorting and organizing my yarn and supplies for too long....
  • My room also is in need of a good clean out.
  • This is a sure sign of springtime- spring seems to make me want to clear out and de-clutter.
  • I started this post earlier today and now it's nearly bedtime.  I really should actually be in bed now.  I'm nearing the end of a good book and would like to finish it before going to sleep, so off I go.
  • Have a great night!


  1. I've heard about people that do some sewing before they actually steek so things don't unravel too far....I'm not really sure what all that entails, though.

  2. Thanks Renee Anne! I've heard that too and was planning on sewing up each side before I cut, but I think I still need to do some more research :)