Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Bullet's on a Monday

  • It rained here today.
  • I crocheted what was supposed to be a newborn baby hat this morning and it ended up turning out to be quite a bit bigger than I was planning.
  • This was the second one I started because I realized half-way through the first one that I was using the wrong hook.
  • Now I'm reluctant to try another one.
  • I need to make another one though because I promised to do so for charity.
  • Progress is slow on working through my WIP list.
  • Due to feeling low about that, I cast on for something big on Saturday.
  • Not sure if that was a smart idea or not....
  • Nix the raining thing, it is pouring out there.  By the time it's done the snow is probably going to be all gone.
  • Speaking of things melting, the ice on the lake is looking pretty rotten.  Watching it all break up is one of my favourite things about spring!  I missed it last year when we were in California, so I'm really looking forward to it.
  • I have a slight nail polish fetish.
  • To brighten my day I painted my nails "Thanks a Windmillion", which is a slightly muted sea foam green from O.P.I's Holland Collection.
  • They are drying, so that is why I'm taking time out of my work to write this post.
  • It sounds like this is going to be a very busy week for me.
  • Because of this, I'm thinking I will do just short posts, maybe some pictures here and there with a few words.  They could be like little "day brighteners."
  • Nails are dry, thus ends this post!
Be back soon,


  1. Like the sound of that OPI color!
    I tried their Shatter color in black over some lavender one last week. It's fun and my daughters want a go at it as well.
    Sorry the hat didn't come out the way you wanted. Did you gauge swatch?
    It's raining here in Cali too. Supposed to all week.

  2. I send my best wishes for your busy week. Hope you have time along the way for some yarn play!..... By the way, if your snow is now all gone, I'm totally jealous! xx