Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Itty-Bitty Easter 2012 Swap Package


Today I have another swap package to share with you, this time it's the one I received yesterday from Jessica (JaneBG1923), who, if you remember, I was her swap partner for the Advent Swap as well.  I've been so blessed to have gotten another lovely package from her!  This one is for the Itty-Bitty Easter 2012 Swap.  Here are some close-ups:

And here's a description of everything - I've taken this from my Ravelry project page like I did for my post yesterday to make sure I didn't forget anything!

-Jessica knit me the cutest reversible duck/bunny - it is a bunny in the picture above but now it has decided to be a duck this evening because we’ve had so many migrating birds and ducks here the last couple of days. 

-a knitted Easter bunny wash cloth - it is so soft! 
-Jessica also knitting a pair of adorable pink bunny booties for my future baby!! I told my sister that these were perfect because I can’t seem to knit a pair of booties that are the same size, so now my baby will have a pair that matches! lol they are so beautifully knit! 
-a cupcake tote bag 
-a purple Della Q tangled string project bag - I’ve already got a sock-in-progress in it :) 
-Lantern Moon flower stitch markers 
-mini nail files 
-a pair of fun kite socks and a pair of bright stripey socks - oh how I like my socks! Both knitted and non-knitted :) 
-a gorgeous pair of pink breast cancer mittens that have a super soft fleece lining inside - these are awesome Jessica! I will get so much use out of them, I’m a mitten girl :) 
-cupcake note cards 
-Shabby Chic note cards 
-a purple pen from her school 
-a big book of Easter stickers - Jessica knows how much I like stationary and stickers ;) 
-a beach-themed to-do list with a pencil and magnet 
-a wash cloth that expands when you put it in water! 
-the most gorgeous Florida mug with flamingos on it! Jessica this is awesome because I collect cute mugs and you know how much I like Florida :D I’m going to have my morning coffee in it tomorrow!! 
-the Spud and Chloe pattern for the Polly Pullover - I have to make this, it is so cute!! 
-a ball of Sirdar Snuggly Smiley Stripes - this is such fun colours! 
-a ball of On Your Toes sock yarn - I’m going to make a Baby Surprise Jacket with this for my future baby to put in my hope chest :) 
-Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool dk -I’ve never tried this yarn before! It is so soft and squishy :) 
-2 skeins of Koigu Premium Merino sock yarn for me to make myself a pair of bright pink socks!!!! I’m saving this yarn for May when things slow down and I can enjoy knitting these, this yarn is fabulous! 
-a gift card for the Bulk Barn since I don’t eat treats but she wanted to include something yummy. I’m always shopping at the Bulk Barn! I buy a lot of my baking supplies there as well as tea for myself :) I’m thinking I’m going to get some tea with this since I’ve been on a bit of a tea kick lately :) This was so thoughtful of you Jessica, thank you. 
-a pop-up Easter card that is just so cute, as well as a Mary Engelbreit card since I’m a huge fan of hers! 
-2 beautiful seashells that Jessica picked up on the beach for me!! I always collect shells on vacation, so these are perfect-my own little piece of the gulf :) And, yes they really do smell like the ocean!!! 
-Jessica also gifted me the Spilly Jane pattern for Flamingo Mittens!! I can hardly wait to make these!! Thank you Jessica, these are perfect :)
It’s just so neat that I’ve been Jessica’s swap partner for your first two swaps, I feel so blessed!! And it’s amazing how she was able to include things from Florida, the beach, and the ocean, which are all such favourites of mine :) Thank you so much Jessica, you did such an amazing job and I’m thrilled with it all!! I’m going to be on a swap package high all week ;) 
Yippee!! I’m so excited for Easter now!!

Isn't it all amazing?  Thank you again Jessica, you are totally awesome!!  You completely suited this package just for me.  I'm so happy and excited with everything and can't wait to knit the BSJ, Flamingo Mittens and the Polly Pullover!!  Now I have lots to look forward to once work is done.  May is going to be a month full of lots of fun projects!  For the time being I am going to dream about them....



  1. So did I miss something? Are you pregnant or are you just planning on eventually someday having one of your own? I'm just curious.

    I used to plan things for my wedding like that....and then I got married and none of the things I had planned on actually happened (other than the getting married part).

    I wish I had more time for swaps...I'm so busy with Little Man and cleaning that I hardly have time to do much else. Oh well...I'd rather have Little Man :)

    1. No, I'm not pregnant, just planning ahead :)

  2. Oh boy! What a score of Easter goodies! I love how she went w/bright and fun patterns and colors. LOVE the yarn.