Friday, March 16, 2012

Picture Friday

A box full of colourful goodness from Knit Picks 
One finished charity baby hat
A charity project for a boy - this is finished now I just haven't got a picture yet
The next thing to go on my hook
That big thing I mentioned starting.   Oh how I want to spend some quality time with it!  Soon, very soon....
Have a great Friday!!


  1. WOW! Did you steal into the middle of the night and raid Knit Picks' warehouse? Is that all Felici yarn?
    I love the lavender of the Red Heart.

  2. lol! Yep, it's all Felici except for 5 balls (4 Wool of the Andes and 1 Chroma). I'm looking forward to lots of sock knitting!!

    1. Oops, there are actually 7 balls that aren't Felici - I forgot the two Brava balls :)