Monday, March 19, 2012

Frogs and Fairies Swap Package

Hello all,

Wow, I'm so behind with blogging about my What's at the Bottom of Your Garden Swap package from the wonderful Mel (womaninashoe), from the Itty-Bitty Group.  I have to sincerely apologize Mel for not getting this up sooner.  Here are the pictures first, and I've added to the bottom a detailed explanation of everything from my Ravelry project page.  This was one amazing swap package and it was so fun that it came all the way from my dear friend in Australia!

 "The amazing Mel (womaninashoe) sent me such a fantastic package for this swap, she is truly amazing!
This box was stuffed full of all the most wonderful things!! So much fairy and froggy goodness all throughout!
There was: 
-my gorgeous Matilda the Wattle fairy with her friend Gisborne the bunny (she is beyond beautiful and the modifications you did Mel are amazing!) 
-Another Flower Headband that Mel knit for me in pretty pink and it’s so soft. (funny thing about this one, one day when Mom and I were visiting my Grandma at the hospital I was trying to tell my Mom how I needed to buy Susan’s newest pattern for a headband/ear band because I sure could have used one since it was so windy in the parking lot. But I never got to tell her because she lost her keys and by the time we found them I had forgotten. I remembered later, but I never did get around to buying the pattern, so thank you so much Mel, this will come in handy tons!) 
-a pink project bag with a cute black and white lining that has a clear pocket inside, and it came with a little pink/purple-ish bell shaped flower stitch marker (that I’m using on my bunny for the Easter swap, I’m also using the bag for the bunny to tote him/her around). 
-a blue & green striped notion pouch. 
-a cute tin full of the most adorable garden themed buttons - ladybugs, snails, frogs, butterflies, flowers, etc. 
-ladybug and chick iron on motifs. 
-2 beautiful yellow butterfly stitch markers. 
-Australian animal stickers. 
-a beautiful bookmark with a lovely saying about a friend. 
-a delicate pink flower pin for my jacket or to pin on my scarf. This is so cool because I used to collect pins when I was younger and I still enjoy looking for special ones to add to my collection. 
-a stunning pair of dangly earrings that have pink beads, gold seashells and flowers hanging from them, that are so me! 
-a matching pink and grey shell necklace - also very me! Mel you did awesome picking these out! 
-an adorable frog project bag with my kit to knit Ribbit out of yummy Spud and Chloe and a bouncy ball. 
-froggie bubble bath. 
-a beautiful glass mushroom for all my froggies and fairy to sit under. 
-a mommy and baby frog. 
-my very own frog prince, with a “kiss me” sign and all! 
-a frog sitting on a rock and he has pink polka dots and a daisy painted on him. 
-a frog solar light to put out in the garden once the snow melts. 
-a precious tiny fairy figurine. 
-frog chocolates that my family are already enjoying :) 
-fairy cookies in the cutest fairy tin! Mom and I are going to have a tea party with these. 
-a pink notebook that looks like a little pocket book with a jeweled clasp. I’m going to keep this in my purse for writing my shopping list on. 
-a pink notebook for keeping project notes - I’m already using this as well :) 
-and last, but most certainly not least - I am in awe of the beautifulness of this: a porcelain tray with butterflies and flowers painted on it. Mel, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I can use it to serve cookies and treats when we have a tea party!! It’s amazing :D
Wow, I have been spoiled good!! Mel, thank you just doesn’t seem like enough! I am so blessed to have you as such a wonderful friend, and I will treasure each and every thing you sent me. You did an amazing job of putting together a swap package that was so very me :) Thank you so much!! You are wonderful :D"
Thank you again Mel, I'm thoroughly enjoying everything!  I wore my headband out for a walk over the weekend and it is so comfortable and warm!  I haven't got started on my froggy yet, but hopefully soon so he can sing along with the Spring Peepers when they come out.  They're my sure sign it's Spring. Again, I'm so sorry for not blogging this sooner, I do hope you can forgive me!!

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