Monday, January 17, 2011

A is for Apple

Hello Knitters,

Over the weekend we were told what the theme is for the newest Itty-Bitty Group Swap.  It's called "Let's Start at the Beginning," and since A is the first letter in the alphabet, that's the letter we are starting with.  The theme is "A is for Apple."  I think this is such an inventive way of doing a swap!!

The projects we are required to make are:  The Apple Washcloth by Susan, the Apple from the Finger Foods pattern, and the Apple Hat from Spud Says!  We are also required to make one more thing that has to do with the "A is for Apple" idea, and include a few other goodies for our swap pal. 

I started almost immediately on the apple washcloth and the apple finger puppet.  I had suitable yarn in the stash so it worked out great!  Usually I have to order the right yarn and wait for quite a while before I get to start a swap project, so being able to cast right on this time was very exciting :-D  I ended up starting and finishing both the washcloth and the finger puppet on Saturday.  I had all day to just knit and do what I wanted so that's what I did. 

Here's my finished washcloth. 

The pattern was very fun and fast to make.  I haven't made a lot of washcloths, but this one made me want to make more and more! 

You seen my apple finger puppet at the beginning of the post, but it has a little surprise you haven't seen....

Since I didn't have any brown sock yarn, I knit the inside with Stroll Hand-Paint in Cartoons.  I think it makes the project a little extra special :-D 

Well, that's as far as I've gotten on my swap knitting.  I thought it would be ok to share these with you all since everyone participating in the swap has to make them, but for the extra little bits, those I will keep a surprise so as not to spoil anything. 

I hope you all are having a great Monday!!

Happy Knitting :-D

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  1. Super cool! How fun to do. You will have a lucky recipient.