Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Jan. 26

Hello Knitters,

I am taking the advice of my friend Suzanne.  She suggested that I do a "WIP Wednesday" on the blog to help keep me accountable, on track and motivated to finish my WIPs.  I know how much I enjoy reading other bloggers "WIP Wednesdays" so I think it will be fun to do my own!  I hope you all enjoy reading it too.

To start off, I thought I'd share all of my WIPs (these are all that I know of, there may be more hiding somewhere) to start off with and then each week I will share the ones I am currently working on and how they are coming along.  I'm going to list them from the oldest to the newest.  Some will be linked to my Ravelry project pages and others have yet to be added to Ravelry. 

1. Green Little Boys Vest
2. Drop Stitch Scarf
3. My Grey Cabled Slouchy Hat
4. Mom's Rainbow Socks
5. Red Guernsey Style Tote
6. Dotty Chicken
7. Pig with Wigs
8. Confused Moose
9. Daisy Baby Cardigan
10. Crochet Wedgwood Baby Blanket
11. Mittens Mousey
12. On-Hold Socks
13. Tea Party Monkeys
14. Gentian Mystery Socks
15. Mystery 220 January Colorwork
16. Pink Crochet Sneaker Baby Booties
17. Galapagos Shawl
18. Green Apple IB Swap Hat

Ok, WOW that's a lot of WIPs!!  I do have to say that some of these I started over two years ago.  However, my recent case of "startitis" didn't help matters any!  I'm going to be doing my best to work through this pile and get things a little more manageable.  Thanks so much for reading my first installment of "WIP Wednesday"!  Have a fantastic week everyone :)

Happy Knitting!!

P.S.  I just finished weaving in the ends of the Maile Cardigan - so pictures tomorrow if the weather cooperates!!


  1. You are so funny. Wow, 18 WIPs. I do understand how fun it is to start a new project and how when you reach the middle your enthusiasm wans. At least you have a goal in mind and are trying to stick to it! Keep it up.

  2. Terrific first WIP post! :) Good luck with your goals, it can be hard to stick to older projects when there are so many tempting ones out there. I'm plowing through mine steadily and have taken on some goals for the end of the week.

    Looking forward to seeing FOs!!