Friday, January 21, 2011

New Rules

Hello Knitters,

Last night I had a bit of a breakdown.  I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by my knitting the last few weeks.  If any of you have me as a friend on Ravelry, you have probably seen the rapid increase of new added tell you the truth, that isn't even the half of it.  I have plenty more projects I've started that I haven't even added to my project page.  I know, it's not a good thing, and to be honest, its quite embarrassing....but I've been getting to the point with each project where I don't want to continue for some reason or another - be it a problem, or mistake, etc. - that I just put it aside and start something new.  This was all fine and dandy for a while, but then I started to get overwhelmed by all the half-finished projects piling up.  Mom had been noticing this and mentioned something to me last night, which brought out the truth.....I was feeling like my knitting was taking over and becoming a burden, not a joy.  Mom suggested that I make a plan in the morning of how to deal with it so that I could get back to feeling in control of my knitting and getting joy out of it instead of dread.  So, with her help, I made a plan and I'm going to do my best to stick to it.  I thought I'd share it with you all to help keep myself accountable and give you a heads up on what will be going on in my knitting life over the next while. 

My Plan of Action to Get my Knitting Back on Track
  1. I can only have 3 current WIPs going at once.
  2. When I finish one WIP, I get to start a new project (but I can only have one new project out of the three, unless I have deadline knitting) and the other two projects have to be from the WOHPs (Works On Hold Projects).
  3. I have to work from the stash unless the project calls for yarn I do not have - this does not include my Jimmy Beans Wool gift certificate I got for Christmas from my sister, that I still get to spend on whatever I'd like, it also does not apply to when the new spring Knit Picks yarns come out, or any vacation or special occasion yarn purchases.
Sounds like a plan to me!  I think it's a great way to get things back under control.  And once I'm through all my WIPs and WOHPs, then I can knit all new projects, but I'm still limiting myself to only three WIPs going at one time.  That way things don't get back to how they are right now again.  I'm so glad Mom brought this up last night, I feel like things are going in the right direction now!  I'm excited to see how fast I can get though all my projects!  At the moment I have 17 projects that are on the go, 1 that needs to be frogged and 8 that I want to start.  Sounds like I lot, so I guess I better get cracking!! 

By the way, I finished the knitting part of my Maile Sweater today!!  I just have to sew the sleeves up, weave in the ends and put on the buttons.  Pictures will be coming soon!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 


  1. I always like a good plan!

    Have you heard of WIPs Wednesday? Bloggers update everyone on their WIPs on Wednesdays. It helps keep things moving along. Maybe it would help. :)

  2. Good for you on forming a sensible plan :O). Gotta love Mamas for always watchin' out for their girls and their well-being.

  3. Thank you,thank you,thanks! I thought I was the only one to have this happen. I very much appreciate your honesty (it's a rare commodity in this world)and your plan of what to do. It is solid advice,and I will put into practice.Tell Mum she has a fan too!


  4. You're well on your way to getting back in control. It would be just too sad to loose the joy that knitting brings you. God speed your fingers as you work your way through those wip. I'll be looking forward to photos of all your lovies.

  5. Suzanne - Thanks for the idea of WIP Wednesday, it sounds like it might be a good idea to help keep me on track!!

    Elise - Don't worry, you're not the only one :-) I'm so glad that my plan can help you out as well!!

    I agree with you ladies, Mom is completely awesome!! lol

    Thank you for all your support everyone!! I'm going to do my best :-)

  6. It's good to get a plan and get your WIPs under control. :>