Friday, January 28, 2011

Finished Objects Friday - Jan. 28

Hello Knitters,

I'm going to try doing a "Finished Objects Friday" on the blog while I'm working through all my WIPs.  I thought it would be a good place to corral them all together!  I'm going to show a picture of the project and then link to my project page if you'd like more information.  That will help make the posts not too long.  I hope you enjoy today's installment!

Newborn Boardwalk Socks

Baby Girl Tube Socks

Mom's Socking Stuffer Socks

Valentine Heart Tape Measure

Well, that's about as far as I've gotten, but it's progress none the less!  I'm working away on more WIPs (right now it's the confused moose), and hope to have lots to share by next Friday! 

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Happy Knitting!

(P.S. They are calling for -30 C here tomorrow....all I can say is brrrr..)


  1. Do you ever get used to the cold?
    We never do here and the lowest has been in the 40s...LOL.
    I really admire how you're stitckin' to your goal of working through your WIPs. You got some cool projects done!
    The color for your mom's socks is so neat!

  2. Oh love the pink/red heart tape measure!

  3. 4 finished objects? That's AWESOME!! :)

  4. @Kepanie

    I guess by the middle of winter I do end up getting sort of used to the cold, but I'm not a fan of it! lol
    Thanks for the project love :)