Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ritzy Stable Mitts

Hello Knitters,

I finally wrote up the pattern for the fingerless mitts I made back at the end of summer.  I named them 'Ritzy Stable Mitts' since they remind me of something you'd wear out to the stable to check on your horse.  They're not really what you'd wear while riding, but they'd be just the thing to take off that morning chill on your way to the barn.  At least that's the way I dream of wearing them!

They're also great for us non-equestrian types to slip on during the cool fall months.  The yarn has a bit of cashmere in it, making them a little treat for your hands.  And probably the best part of all, at least in my books, is that they are super quick to make so they come in real handy for holiday gifts!   

You can find more information on the yarn, needles, etc and the pdf download here on the Ravelry page. 

Happy Knitting!!


  1. I think these would be Ritzy Dog Walking Mitts..... so I've printed out the pattern, and I'll make myself some soon. Thanks for sharing!!s

  2. Thanks Penny! I think these would be great for dog walking :-) I hope you enjoy them!!