Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesdays

Hello Knitters,

Today's Ten on Tuesdays theme is "10 Facts (some little known) About My Mother." 
  1. She's 100% Finnish.
  2. She can shoot a very large hunting rifle - although we don't really let her near one....
  3. She has knocked out a porcupine with a can of shrimp because he was eating our deck.
  4. She can make pretty much anything, and usually from whatever we have around the house.
  5. She takes awesome photographs, especially of flowers.
  6. She drove all the way to Florida and back with only the Best Western Accommodations Book that she found the first night of the trip.
  7. She is upholstering a footstool right now, and she's never done this kind of thing before.  She isn't afraid of trying new things, she just wings it and 9 times out of 10 it turns out completely amazing. 
  8. She can stand with her back to a hoop and blindly shoot a basket. (I think this is because she has good aim....see the shrimp can point above.)
  9. She is a great Christian example to everyone she comes in contact with, and is the person I look up to the most. 
  10. She is the biggest and best cheerleader to everyone, especially me!  She believes in people and always tries to see the best in them and help them bring it to the surface.  She is also a great spotter of hidden talents in others. 
*She doesn't take credit for any of these things, but says she did it all with the Lord's help and guidance. 

She is a fantastic Mother and I'm so lucky that I'm her daughter!  Thanks Mom for being so great, I love you!!  

Happy Knitting!!

P.S. I think I forgot to mention that my sister and her husband are finally home from their honeymoon, they came back last Thursday.  Thank you everyone for all the prayers!!  I was just so relieved to  have them home that it completely slipped my mind to tell you all they were back, so sorry!!

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