Monday, November 1, 2010

Miniature Monday

Hello Knitters,

I thought a leaf would be appropriate for today's miniature now that it's November.  All our leaves have fallen off here, but you do see some on the ground here and there still.  I crocheted this leaf, using a pattern from a scarf I just finished for my Mom.   

Just to keep you all updated; we did hear from my sister and her husband, and they are fine!  They're having a bit of trouble getting home though due to the extensive damage done to the island.  My sister said that they're bringing in the National Guard, so hopefully things will start to get back together there.  If they are able, they're going to be taken by boat to the airport tomorrow because the roads are out.  Please do continue to keep them in your prayers, especially for safe travels!  Thanks so much!

Happy Knitting!!

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