Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flower Scarf

Good Morning Knitters,

Today I actually have a finished object to share.  I crocheted this scarf for my Mom a while ago, around the end of October, but I never "officially" finished it until this past Sunday when I crocheted the last flower and sewed them on.  My Mom really likes it, so I think it was a win! 

I even got her to model it for me :-)  She's a child of the 70's so she really likes the flower detail.  She also picked out the colour herself.  I've got a different colour of the same yarn to make my own version. 

It even looks cute from the back.
The yarn is Bernat Mosaic in Spectrum and the pattern is from the 'Bernat Mosic Sweaters and Accessories' booklet.  For being 100% acrylic, I was actually very happy with this yarn.  It is made to be like the texture of handspun and the colour gradation is really nice.  It even is soft and warm, which is a plus for anything close to your skin.  I'm actually excited to make mine some day (I say some day because Christmas knitting is taking over right now) just to work with it again.  
On another note, as I mentioned above, I've begun to work on my Christmas knitting.  I started seriously on it yesterday.  I thought it was finally time to knuckle down and get to work.  I even made myself a schedule to help keep me on track.  I also estimated how much time each project will take me so I can fit them all in.  If I do an 8-hour-day of non-stop working, I estimated it would take me about 17 days.  Now that's not counting any interruptions, which there are sure to be!  I will keep you all posted on how it is going :-)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Happy Knitting!!

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