Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Notes from Norway


Just wanted to let you all know I added some pictures of my finished shawlette as well as me wearing it at the North Cape to the album. The picture is a bit dorky, but I was bracing myself against the freezing cold wind and I was only staying still for one shot, so that's what I got.

On another note, I dont think I mentioned before that I am taking part in the Tour de Fleece. I joined in with the Itty Bitty Group since they are such a wonderful and fun group of women! Even though I will be on this vacation for most if it, I still wanted to be a part of this. My goal for myself is to knit or crochet each day, whether it be for hours while on the bus or just for a few minutes before going to bed at night. Also, the goal is to be flexible and not for it to be a strict one. So far I have been doing pretty well. There have been maybe three days that I didn't do anything, but every other day I have worked on something at some point. Today I knit one sock using some Dale of Norway Lerke that I purchased from the upstairs of a grocery store when we had some extra time due to our bus breaking down. It's a lovely sea foam green colour. I'm making them a little shorter than my usual socks since the yarn is a wool/cotton dk. I think they will make some very nice summer socks. We have another long drive ahead tomorrow so maybe I will get the other one done then.

We are staying in Mosjoen, Norway tonight and head to Trondheim tomorrow. Its been a long day on the bus today so I think I will be heading to bed now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Much Love, xx


  1. Your shawlette looks so much more amazing knit up than just viewing the colorway of the ball of yarn!

  2. Thanks Stef! I was really surprised with how the colours came together once it was knit, and I am so happy with it! It's very me :)