Friday, July 22, 2011

Tropical Heat Wave


Wow, it is H.O.T. out there today!!  I sat outside for about 10 minutes and got a bit of a burn already, and I don't burn easily.  Now I am making some homemade iced tea to enjoy while sitting in the shade.  I think it's beautiful out, as long as your don't stay in the sun for too long.  I was going to work on a pair of wool socks, but I don't think so anymore.  Those will be reserved for indoor knitting.  How are you all doing in this heat?  What do you choose to work on?  Do you ever feel too hot to knit? 

I'm finding that the jet lag is really getting me today, that and a lack of coffee, but I'm sure the heat doesn't help either.  This all adds up to me not wanting to do much of anything, which is not good since I have a big pile of projects that need to be worked on.  I've begun to make a plan on how to work my way through it, so hopefully I will have some FO pictures to share sometime soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy the lovely photo above of a pair of cotton blend socks I knit while away, and have a wonderful day!!

Much Love, xx


  1. In this heat cotton would be so much nicer to knit than wool! I am sticking to socks on these hot days in places without air conditioning and a vest when I am in air conditioning and can stand to have my knitting sitting in my lap.