Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy, Busy

Hello Knitters,

I hope you are all are having a great week and that you are pretty much ready for Christmas.  I'm sorry for missing Miniature Monday and Ten on Tuesdays this week.  I actually had things planned but I ran out of time due to my incredibly busy life right now.  I'm really starting to feel the pressure of the season!!  The countdown has begun and I'm so not where I'd like to be on my projects.  Knitting-wise, I have to finish a scarf for my Aunt R, turn the heel and finish the foot of a sock for my Mom, put the finishing touches on a tiny gift for my sister, and I'm sure there is something else that I'm forgetting.  I also have a few things to sew up yet.  The biggest project right now though is the baking.  I've still got at least three days worth of baking to do and I have to fit it all into what's left of today and all day tomorrow.  See, that doesn't leave me any time to finish up the other projects.  I'm really not sure what I am going to do....  Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive, just super busy.  I'll be back to normal once the holidays are over :-)  I'm trying to enjoy Christmas, but I think I'm doing a lousy job of it.  Hopefully I can get things back on track! 

Happy Knitting!!

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  1. I guess if it weren't hectic, and stressful, and nervepjangling, we wouldn't know it was the Holidays. Seems like I plan just enough Holiday Cheer to get everything done by by Christmas. What I forget to allow time for is everyday life, which just doesn't have the good sense to step aside and the special stuff get done.

    Happy Holidays and a Joyous and Blessed New Year to You and Yours.