Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Things


I know today is supposed to be my One-a-Day Tuesday post but there's been a change in plans.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to put the Hexagon Blanket aside for the next while, because this coming weekend starts Tour de Fleece and then right after that is the Olympics (I still don't know what we are calling it yet) and I want to be able to focus on my projects for those.  Then after the Olympics are over we have two family weddings, and I'm baking the cake and making the favours for one of them.  Also, our Pancake House is opening up for their summer season next weekend, which means I will need to be baking my products for that.  So from here on out, the next while is looking to be on the busy side and I think it's best to put the blanket aside for now.

Since it's officially summer, I've got a line up of smaller projects and lace shawls in my queue.  I find small and lacy things easier to work on when it's hot, and they easily fit into my bag when I'm on the go.  Plus, I think its nicer to work with thinner yarn when its warm outside.

I finished Mom's Stripe Study Shawl over the weekend, (it still needs to be blocked which is why there are no pictures yet) and I immediately started the Jeanne Lois Bandit by Linda Permann (that's it in the picture above) and Georgiana by Susanna IC from the first Jane Austen Knits magazine.

I'm hoping to get Georgiana done in time to wear to one of the weddings at the end of August.  I thought it would be the perfect thing to throw over my shoulders if it gets cool in the evening.

What are your summer project plans and do you have any favourite warm weather patterns or yarns??



  1. These vivid hues will look wonderful against your beautiful skin!
    Oh gosh, I'm princessa chauffeur right now. We're leaving for a holiday next week - hooray!
    Supposed to clean out the office which I dread and am procrastinating on.
    I don't knit for warm weather I'm afraid. It's all about cold and fog.

  2. Happy shawl knitting! I normally would have socks on the needles for the summer but I find I am in a sweater knitting mood right now.