Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Reveal


Over the weekend I got my Mom's Christmas socks done except for the heels.  Here's a picture of the second one when it was almost finished.

Isn't the colourway pretty?  She picked it out herself, it's Knit Picks Stroll Hand-Painted in Punky.  I've been having a fun time knitting them because I like to see what colour is going to come up next.  This was my last pair of Christmas socks.  Now I just have to do some heels and they will all be completely done and can be wrapped up!  Yippee!!!!  I'm getting closer and closer to being done my gifts!!
Also, I finally got the colourful project started over the weekend and I can now reveal what it is going to be....

It's my own interpretation of the Sweet Flower Granny Blanket from Attic24.  I was originally going to make a blanket like Lucy's BB, but I fell in love with this blanket instead and just had to make it.  Lucy hasn't written up the pattern yet, so I set out on the adventure of trying to make something similar in looks.  I used the flower information she gave here, and pretty much winged it for the rest.  It took quite a few tries and a couple of hours before I got something that looked good to me.  I'm using Bernat Super Value and leftover Red Heart Super Saver from my stash in colours that are pretty close to Lucy's since I'm not fully confident in my own colour choosing yet.  I know it's probably not the smartest thing to start a blanket while I'm still working on Christmas presents, but I just had to.  You see it's getting a lot colder here now and I need a extra blanket on my bed at night, and since it's almost not Fall anymore my Fall Blankie needs to be put away and replaced with a new one, but I don't have a new one, so therefore, I need to make one.  Sounds logical right?  I thought so. 



  1. LOL! Very logical. Why not treat yourself? You're such a sweetie!
    Makin' great use of your tote bag BTW. So spacious and great to lug project and purse in. I always bring it to a knitting conference...LOL! I emptied the class stuff and went on down the marketplace scouring for things to buy to fill up my tote!

  2. Aww, thanks Stefanie!! I'm so glad you are enjoying your tote bag!! This brought a HUGE smile to my face :D

  3. Love the Sweet Flower Granny - would you mind sharing the pattern for the square? Thanks so much