Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And So IT Begins!!

Hello there!!

Happy November to you all!!  It is now officially "get ready for Christmas time" here at my house :)  I've decided to start early this year because I have found that in years past I'm always so rushed with making gifts and baking, etc, that I don't get to enjoy the actual things about the season that are so special to me.  So this year I'm trying something different; I'm making a change.  I've cut down my gift-making list to be more reasonable (in keeping with the plan of small, useful, handmade and lovely) and I've started plotting things out on my calendar to make sure that I don't end up leaving things to the last minute.  All this should help leave room for the other "special" things that I want to do this holiday season, and for the actual enjoying. 

So, in keeping with the theme, I thought I'd show you two of the required knits I finished for the Itty-Bitty Advent Swap. 

This is the Mouse from the Christmas Set in Itty-Bitty Toys.  He turned out really cute, and I think I might have a little bit of sadness about parting with him, but I know he is going to a good home where he will be well loved! 

And here is my Tiny Elf from the Spud and Chloe pattern.  Not too bad for an elf, eh?  He was a really quick knit! 

The other required knit was Susan's Santa Baby Ornament pattern, which I knit but forgot to take a picture of.  It was super quick to knit and even cuter than most of the mini hat patterns I've seen.  I've also knit some other gifts for my swap partner (SP), but I'm up-in-the-air about sharing them on the blog because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, so we will see.  But for now, this is the first sneak peeks :) 

Much Love, xoxo

P.S. Yes, I'm listening to Christmas music and I'm even breaking out the Christmas movies tonight!! 

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