Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~ Pretty Things ~


Today I want to start something new on the blog.  I have seen Lucy from Attic24 do "Pretty Things" posts, and I think they are such a wonderful idea!  I'd like to include them here on my blog because it's such a good way to stop and appreciate the beauty in everyday life.  Sometimes I find that I'm just moving too fast to take joy in the small things and I think that this will help me slow down and enjoy what is around me.  I hope that you like the posts and that they bring some beauty into your lives as well.

Since I'm just starting off, I only have one Pretty Thing to share today.  We had our first heavy frost about a week and a half ago, and my Mom took this picture of it on one of her plants.  I was just struck by the intricacy of it.  If you look at it hard enough, you'll see that it looks like it has been carefully painted on by hand - it's breathtaking!!  It just blew me away that there would be such detail on something so simple as frost. 

I find nature one of the most fascinating things to stop and really look at.  The beauty found in it is truly amazing!!  Our Creator really does care about all the small details, and He puts it all there for us to enjoy.  I am so thankful for that, and I plan to keep my eyes open to see it all.

Much Love, xoxo

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